How does it work?

Prior to the treatment with Karla:

Drink plenty of water! Maximum of TWO alcoholic drinks within 24 hrs (lymphatic system is stimulated, so clients will feel ill if they’ve had more than two).

Where possible, shower prior to the massage. Underwear must be worn at all times.

All medical history to be provided on assessment. If you have a flu, cold, or virus, please contact us to assess whether it is ideal to treat you on the day.

Do you have any allergies, i.e. nuts, essential oils, wool? I use a variety of oils and creams to use during your remedial treatment.

During the treatment with Karla:

On entry to the clinic, I greet you and welcome you inside for your treatment.  If I’m in session, please take a seat in the waiting room.

Please feel free to use the ensuite facilities for a shower, or the toilet.

I use a pain scale of 1-4: 1 being no pain, 4 being excruciating (which we will never work to a 4). Each client’s pain threshold is individual, so we ask that you communicate throughout the session.

It’s ok to request minimal chatter through the session, but many people seem to enjoy general conversation, through to sharing life stories and experiences. Confidentiality is always assured.

Techniques include: Structural balancing, dry needling, myofascial release, trigger point, PNF, ART, stretching, pregnancy massage, relaxation massage.

Products used: Please inform me of any allergies. I will tailor the use of a variety of nut free oils, nut oils, hemp oil, essential oils, sorbolene, vegesorb, depending on what results are needed from  the current condition of the tissue.

After the treatment with Karla:

Keep hydrated.  Have a hot shower or bath.  Stretching is advised.

You may feel tender for up to two days, but injury site pain will be less and your range and strength improved.

Please contact me if you have any concerns or questions.

Mobile Services:

Mobile services: Bookings essential through by phone or text only. No online bookings available. Mobile services are Sunday and Thursday 11am-9pm only.

Contact me on 0414 865 958 for more options.

All equipment is supplied by me.  All you need is yourself!

Home Clinic Bookings:

Bookings are essential and are available through the website or by phone or tet.

485 Old Cleveland Road Camp Hill. Parking on the drive or side street.

Clinic hours:
Monday 11am-830pm
Tuesday 11am-830pm
Wednesday 11am-830pm
Thursday/Sunday 11am-9pm clinic or mobile available (contact me directly for all mobile bookings).

Friday 9am-6pm(only 1/2 days of the month. See online booking for dates as often changes with each month).

Shower and bathroom facilities available. Parking onsite or side street.

Where is the home clinic?

I am very easy to find! The home clinic is on one of the major roads of Brisbane – 485 Old Cleveland Road Camp Hill Brisbane QLD. Approx 5km from Brisbane city.

Follow the fence, past the garage, down the path, right side of “Barrington House” (yep you have got to name the gorgeous old building). You will see my Karla Smith Massage logo on the glass door.  Mind the step.

Where do I park?

There are two spaces to park on site, on the driveway. There is one on-street park at the front of the house, or side-street parking, if you prefer.

About The Clinic:

The clinic space compliments the origins of the house (built 1939) and the suburb we live in; and our personal taste, while still in keeping with all the needs of a private massage studio.

Once inside you will see that this private clinic is unique, in that time stops once inside. It will incorporate pain/tension relief, but also give you a chance to receive care, kindness. I have easy listening music playing and water or juice of the day to finish your treatment.

I invite you to forget the outside busy world for a time.

Inside The Clinic:

I have sourced stunning lead light windows from the Empire Hotel (iconic hotel of Fortitude Valley) Brisbane; polished concrete flooring (originally an old existing slab with gorgeous Brisbane river stones); exposed brick wall with hand made wooden shelving, and leather furniture to compliment the existing art deco building. The lighting can be dimmed. The music playing will set the chilled out scene, (but please feel free to request *any music or silence if that is what you feel is best for you).

* I never massage to Jazz.  I just can’t ever find my rhythm!!

Frequently asked questions

I'm pregnant. Can I still use your services?

We have a therapeutic pillow to use for stomach/side lying, so absolutely yes!

I'm post op. Can I still use your services?

A letter from your doctor is essential, and we can adjust table height and comfort using props, so yes!

Health fund claims?

You will be able to claim in the clinic on the spot.  I have a mobile hicaps machine facility (for some health funds).  If you health fund does not support mobile provider claims, you can claim manually.  Provider numbers are written on receipt on the day of the treatment. Clients then contact their health fund to claim.

How often should I get a massage?

Everyone is different and it depends on the issue.  Our advice is as follows:

Acute injury? Sometimes 2/3 days later or at the most a week to follow up on the 1st massage.

Chronic injury or aiming for a maintenance; 7-10days, then 14-21 days, then 30+ days. This way you can let your body tell you. If you feel the body’s old patterns returning, then book just prior to that feeling. Once maintaining (approx 5 + treatments) I often recommend 90mins fortnightly or monthly, as this way there are less appointments, enough time to treat the whole body and you left to feel amazing for longer.

What do I wear?

Underwear that is comfortable. We may have to move you around during the treatment, so I suggest leaving the bra on, and respect for bra removal or clothed request is honoured with respect also.  Full covering towel techniques are always maintained during the clinic.

What are Dry Needles?

We always use a once-only-use, sterilized needle that is disposed of in a sharps container.

Needles are the same as an Acupuncturist needle, but we aim for the belly of the muscle or trigger points, to alleviate muscle pain and possible dysfunction.

You can decline of the use of needles in your treatment!

What They’re Saying

“Karla is a true professional. She continuously studies in her profession to keep her skills up to date. She practices what she preaches - keeps fit and honours her body. Her massages always achieve an improvement in my health.”

Massage Client

“She is the most amazing remedial massage therapist I have ever been too.”

Massage Client

“Karla always brings her A game to her work. She has healed me from years of pain. She is uncompromising in her standards of care to her clients.”

Massage Client

“I have found an angel in Karla, I am an elite sportswomen with an aging body. Karla's treatments keep me in top form & seeing her is my highlight in the week after all the hard training.”

Massage Client

“Karla has an innate sense of understanding the biomechanics of the body. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone seeking a professional and worthy treatment.”

Massage Client

Contact Karla

Mobile services are Thursday-Sunday 11am-9pm. Contact me on 0414865958 for more details.