If you always do what you have always done, you will always get, what you have always got.

Professional Contracts

I built my private clientele base up in 1999, and then sold this business to travel to England in 2001.

I worked as a remedial massage therapist for the British Canoe and Kayak team for 2 years leading into the Olympic games.

On my return to Brisbane in 2005, I won the contract for the Brisbane Broncos (winning the premiership for 2006-Wayne Bennett is the secret weapon? I could proudly argue this point).

This then lead me to a contract with the State of Origin (QLD and NSW); Australian/English/All black Rugby league and All Black Rugby Union team massage; Australian Cricket team; Brisbane Lions AFL team; Olympic swim team; Ironman competitors through to Amateur Ironman and Triathlon athletes.
What They’re Saying

“Karla is an extremely qualified and professional masseuse. She listened to my issues but also made her own assessments of my body and then tailored her treatment towards them.”

Massage Client

“Karla is a warm, caring person who happily gives more than she receives. She is very professional in her practice and attitude, and strives to improve herself constantly so she gives the best service possible.”

Massage Client

“Karla is an absolute inspiration. Her amazing ability as a massage therapist, and her great outlook on life, make for a person that everyone needs in their life.”

Massage Client

“Best massage therapist I've ever had. I can't recommend more highly. She gets to know me so she can understand my injury better.”

Massage Client

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Mobile services are Thursday & Sunday 11am-9pm.

Contact me on 0414 865 958 for more details.