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Remedial Massage

With Karla Smith

In Clinic & Mobile

Who is Karla?

Karla Smith Massage is the culmination of 17 years of ambition and professional experience in Remedial Sports Massage. I have had the privilege of working with elite sporting teams, as well as elite, amateur and solo athletes around the world.

Just as importantly, I have a long history of treating non-athletes with injuries, that range from postural issues, stress and tension, minor injuries, degeneration, pre and post pregnancy (including Caesar scarring), and post medical procedures.

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Remedial Massage Services

I strive to change your tissue in the least amount of time, with the least amount of pain, to achieve the results you are aiming for.

Strict covid-19 hygiene protocol is in place. Please reschedule if feeling unwell, no questions asked.

About the Clinic

Read about my clinic and mobile Remedial Massage Service

About the Clinic

Read about my clinic and mobile Remedial Massage Service

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See details on pricing for clinic and mobile services


See details on pricing for clinic and mobile services

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My Techniques

I have years of experience in remedial massage

My Techniques

I have years of experience in remedial massage

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What They’re Saying

“Karla Smith is at the top of her game. With 15 years’ experience in Remedial Massage Therapy, Karla has treated professional athletes here in Australia (including the Brisbane Broncos, event treatment for State of Origin, Rugby League World Cup, Rugby Union World Cup, Australian and International Cricket), and internationally (British Canoe and Kayak Team) -- and we are fortunate enough to have this golden girl also treat the ordinary person -- with the most ordinary of ailments -- such as myself. Karla Smith is a masterful and accomplished massage therapist -- and she just keeps getting better -- as so do we.”

Massage Client

“Excellent massage therapist. Friendly front of house staff. Very clean, modern and professional-looking rooms. A little difficult to locate for the first time customer.”

Massage Client

“Karla is very knowledgleable with regards to the human physiology and extremely professional. She spends time explaining issues and how she will correct them. She is extremely friendly and very concerned about her clients well being. I would, and do, recommend her highly.”

Massage Client

“Karla is professional, loyal and provides awesome customer service. Her massage technique is always beneficial to my health and feel energised and revitalised.”

Massage Client

“Karla is amazing! I was recommended to see Karla after a I hurt my lower back. 2 sessions in and the pain is all gone. She knows her job and does it so well. I would recommend her to family and friends in a second.”

Massage Client

“By far the best team I've ever worked with. They truly understood the look I was going for and completely nailed it! I would highly recommend them as a company, you simply just won't find any better team!”

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How does it work?

I tailor each individual treatment to each client. An assessment to begin with, listen to the clients input on pain/tension/observations, and apply techniques depending on the type of tightness or tenderness. Client feedback is essential during and after the session.

Not much has changed since covid-19 other than staggered appointments (minimum 15mins gap between each client), as I have always followed strict hygiene protocol. Shoes off at the door, washing/sanitising our hands on arrival and during if needed. I advise you wash or shower where possible pre/post treatment.

I am Disinfecting with diluted 70% alcohol grade on all surfaces between clients from cleaning the pen to sign with(or bring your own), Hicaps machine, door handles, table-the head piece gets a double clean (then Glen 20 spray), single use towels for each client which are then washed on a 40degree hot water cycle, gloves and mask are optional-you tell me what makes you confident and comfortable and I will happily comply if I haven’t already achieved your hygiene standard.

Oils, sorbolene and pump action bottles used only. Unlike other clinics who use balms that seems to be a double dipping of hand to client to the next client! Eeew!!

About my Service

Session Pricing

In Clinic or grouped massage session/client

30 Mins: $55

45 Mins: $75

60 Mins: $105

75 Mins: $120

90 Mins: $135


60mins: $110,

75mins: $125

90mins: $140

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See More FAQs

Can I still come for a massage if I am pregnant?

We have a therapeutic pillow to use for stomach/side lying so absolutely yes!

I'm post operation, can I still hire you?

A letter from your doctor is essential but we can adjust table height and comfort using props, so yes!

Health Fund Claims / HiCaps

You will be able to claim from the clinic on the spot, and then claim manually from all mobile/temp clinic treatments. Provider numbers are written on receipt on the day of the treatment. Clients then contact their health fund to claim via app/phone or in person.

How often should I get a massage?

Everyone is different and depends on the issue… Our advice is;

Acute injury? Sometimes 2/3 days later or at the most a week to follow up on the 1st massage.

Chronic or aiming for a maintenance; 7-10days, then 14-21 days, then 30+ days. This way you can let your body tell you. If you feel the body’s old patterns returning, then book just prior to that feeling. Once maintaining (approx 5 + treatments) I often recommend 90mins fortnightly or monthly, as this way there are less appointments, enough time to treat the whole body and you left to feel amazing for longer.

What do I wear?

Underwear that is comfortable and what level of clothes removal down to underwear all depends on you. We may have to move you around so its not uncommon to leave the bra on. Full covering towel techniques are maintained always during the clinic.

Dry needles…what are they?

We always use a once only use, sterilized needle that are disposed of in a sharps container after use.

Needles are the same as what an Acupuncturist uses but we aim for the belly of the muscle or trigger points to alleviate muscle pain and possible dysfunction.

You can totally decline of the use of needles in your treatment!

Contact Karla

Mobile services are Thursday & Sunday only, 11am-9pm.

Contact me on 0414 865 958 for more details.